[DRAMA] My Princess Episode 16 FINALE Synopsis

All good things must come to an end… Here’s what happened on the last episode of My Princess

2 Years Later…
Lee Seol goes to school on a bike, since she still hasn’t passed her driving lesson. Her teacher is Yoon Joo who gave her an “F” in their last exam. The palace in now open to the public to visit (Lee Seol’s idea) but the Presidents friend (forgot his name) doesn’t like the idea. It is also Lee Seol’s birthday. While preparing for something she is going to film, she receives a call from Prince Harry and the Prince of Thailand. She asks if Hae Young has called, but her assistant says he hasn’t. Hae Young is now abroad and hasn’t been contacting Lee Seol. In her room, she recevies presents from fans and thought that Hae Young’s presents was one of them. Turns out that he hasn’t sent any.

Lee Seol visit’s the Chairmans grave by the cliffs, asking him if he can bring Hae Young back to her.
She is also trying to get Chairman’s dairy which is in England, but is having trouble doing so.
Lee Seol practices her driving as she failed in her last one. While driving, a car comes behind her, trying to pass. She signals with her hand that the car can take over since she doesn’t know how to switch lanes. The car over takes her at high speed and stops a few yards away from her. Angry, Lee Seol starts having a go at the person driving, but when the driver steps out, it turned out to be Hae Young. When she eventually reaches to where he had stop, she parks right up close to Hae Young so there was no room for the door to open, leaving her to open the window instead. Hae Young tells her that he is back for good.

They go to Hae Young;s house and Lee Seol cooks for him. When she goes to the bathroom, Hae Young takes out a flashy ring. As Lee Seol comes out, she sees the ring on the table and starts to get excited. She walks back to the table, pretending she saw nothing, and Hae Young slyly tries to hide the ring.
Afterwards, Hae Young has a meeting with the President. The President tells him that he should not get married to Lee Seol and instead, he should go to Washington where he will have a good job. He also found out that Hae Young bought something expensive from a department store in London, which turned out to be the ring.

Later on, Lee Seol calls Hae Young, and he tells her that he has something important to say to her. Assuming its a proposal, Lee Seol gets excited. She then starts imagining how the proposal will be like, saying “Love Actually?” “Notting Hill?” “Pretty Woman?” “Crazy for You?”!
The next few days, Hae Young and Lee Seol found it difficult to see each other. When they came to an agreement to meet, they would remember they needed to go to a meeting. Lee Seol couldn’t take it any longer, so she went staright to Hae Young, who was in a meeting, and starts shouting. Eventually, she carelessly decides to break up with him, after he told her to go back to the palace.

Back at the palace, when Hae Young visits her, she pretends to start crying. To make him go away, she tells him that she will call security.Hae Young finds out that Lee Seol is trying to get the Chairman’s dairy back and tries to help. He tells her that the people who holds the dairy want to speak to Yoon Joo. Hae Young and Lee Seol get back together since he helped her. Lee Seol now has to persuade Yoon Joo to help her and she does. She finally receives a letter from England, saying that they are going to give the dairy back.

While talking to Hae Young the next day, Lee Seol’s assistant tells her that she has found where her sister is. Lee Seol goes to where Lee Dan is staying and the two get into a fight. Lee Dan tells her that she will only go back to their mom when she is as successful as Lee Seol. Then we see Lee Seol’s assisant bump into the Chef, as he is about to leave for three days. He asks her to play with him, but she tells him that she wants to go with more mature men with good fortune. As Lee Seol’s assistant starts to leave, he grabs her arm and begs one more time. They two then becomes friends.

Yoon Joo goes to Professor Nam’s house and tells him that she is going to leave. Hae Young also goes to Lee Seol, telling him that he is leaving the next day and wants to marry her before he goes. Lee Seol then gets angry because she feels that he is making all the decisions by himself and leaves. Hae Young decides to leave the ring by the fountian which Lee Seol later on finds.

At the airport, Hae Young keeps on checking if Lee Seol is going to come, before he goes in. Eventually, he goes inside without Lee Seol in sight. On the plane, he is offered a glass of wine and as he is about to drink it, the person next to, who is covered by a big newspaper, stops him. The person drops the newspaper and it’s Lee Seol. Shocked, Hae Young asks her why she is here and she tells him that she going to follow him where ever he goes.
Lee Seol then says they have a 13 hour date and asks what they should do, so Hae Young kisses her and smiles. Lee Seol wraps her arm around him and kisses him…

… and that is how it ends. 😀

So what do you think of the ending? Good? Bad?
I think the ending was really sweet ^.^

2 comments on “[DRAMA] My Princess Episode 16 FINALE Synopsis

  1. Ending shows second part is in production

  2. Does anybody know the title and artist of the song that was playing in the background when Hae-young and Seol were eating the steak dinner in episode 2?

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