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Daesung to Cover Songs in His Solo Album? YG Entertainment Releases Tracklist

  YG Entertainment, earlier today, not only released the cover for BIG BANG member Kang Daesung’s solo album, the official tracklist has also been released.  Featuring 12 songs, 10 of which are J-Pop covers and 2 being re-releases of Daesung’s previous solo tracks under BIG BANG’s albums, the album is called D’scover.  A fitting title […]

YG-Life Releases Final Lee Hi Teaser Photo

  Lee Hi D-1

Poster of PSY spotted around London

Posters promoting PSY’s current hit song “Gangnam Style” have been seen in various places around London. After it’s release on July 15th, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” went viral around the world and now it is being promoted around London. The poster is simple with a bright pink and yellow colours that stands out and photo of […]

PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple Threat

  PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple  Threat


I’m just wild and young I’m just wild and young Do it just for fun (Hello) My name is me and choice Yes sir, I’m one of a kind

PSY reveals teaser #3 for “GANGNAM STYLE”

“From 2 years of break, PSY is finally coming back with his 6th album ‘PSY6甲’! The album’s weighty title song ‘Gangnam Style’ is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.”

2NE1 reveals “I Love You’ MV!

2NE1 are back with a new song titled “I Love You”! On July 7th, 2NE1 unleashed their latest music video “I Love You”. The video is simple, portraying the girls’ sadness over loving a guy who doesn’t understand their feelings.