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Epik High’s Tablo updates fans on his daughter’s flu

Epik High‘s Tablo revealed that his daughter Haru has gotten over a case of the flu. Tablo posted to Twitter: “Haru won the battle against the flu today. Got her smile back^^ baby blo~.” In the close-up photo, his daughter is staring intently at the camera with a mischievous smile on her face that would […]

Epik High Tablo to Appear on ‘Healing Camp’ and Reveal Honest Feeling About Celebrity Life

  Epik High’s Tablo to Appear on ‘Healing Camp’ Reveal Honest Feeling About Celebrity Life

Tablo wins trial + Tajinyo sentenced to jail

 All nine members of Tajinyo, the group behind the website who demanded the truth regarding Tablo‘s Stanford University degree, have been sentenced to jail. On the 8th of June, Seoul Central District Court sentenced the nine members from Tajinyo. The nine members will serve a total of eleven years in jail, with the highest sentence […]

Se7en, Psy, 2NE1 and Tablo invite you to this year’s YG Family Concert

Set to embark on their “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert” this December, YG Entertainment has been posting video invitations from their artists promoting the event. For the past two weeks, YG Entertainment’s has been uploading various video messages from PSY and 2NE1 as they talked about the upcoming concert and invited their fans for the […]

[LYRICS][ROM] Tablo – Tomorrow

Tablo confesses his feelings through the lyrics of “Expired”

  Hip-hop singer Tablo confesses his feelings through the song he wrote.

Tablo ranks first place on iTunes!

  Tablo’s first solo album “Fever’s End” ranked first place on iTunes Hip Hop Album Chart in both US & Canada.