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K-Pop Review: HyunA’s Second Mini Album: ‘Melting’


Hyuna 2nd Mini Album ‘Melted’

4minute’s HyunA this year has been bringing the “Volume Up” with the rest of 4minute and been telling the world that PSY is her style- which is “Gangnam Style.” Now she’s melting down the charts with her latest mini album: Melting.

Hyuna’s second mini album has been definitely stirring up trouble with the teaser concepts of the album and for the title track: “Ice Cream.” The photos and music video teaser made this comeback become Rated 19+ for Hyuna and her company, CUBE Entertainment. With all the news stirred before the comeback, there’s much more attention towards the overall comeback for Hyuna.

Rumours of the album being leaked than officially released by the company is still under questioning. The mini album has 5 tracks including the very rated “Ice Cream.”

Track List: 01. Don’t Fall Apart 02. Ice Cream (Feat. Maboos) 03. Green Apple (Feat. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB) 04. Dear Boyfriend 05. Very Hot

Besides “Ice Cream,” the other tracks displays more of HyunA’s vocal ability and seems more age-appropriate for HyunA’s actual age. With her bubble pop genre, theme and concept it does tie together pretty well for HyunA’s young age.

The banned and hyped song “Ice Cream” showed much sexual innuendos with the use of the simile in the lyrics. It can be considered the Korean “Milkshake” by American artist Kellis or “Fergielious” by Black Eyed Peas’s Fergie. With much surprise, PSY makes a cameo in her music video as she did in the international hit, “Gangnam Style.”

Now the reason of the actual ban of the song was all caused by the mentioning of a brand. To be more specific, the smartapp, KakaoTalk. Many strongly believed that the title track’s ban is for the innappropriate sexual suggesting innuendos. Once many heard the actual ban, many thought it was ridiculous. Later on after the teaser, the song earned a Rated 19+ to go along with the ban from various broadcasting stations.

The actual song isn’t completely bad. It does grow on you unless you are uncomfortable with it’s suggestive lyrics. HyunA’s power rapping does contrast her more coy vocals but it fits together. That’s what she does for 4minute as her position as a rapper. The production of the song isn’t bad either. The back track really gets you up on your feet and ready to dance. Very western influenced with the bubble pop genre.

So be prepared for HyunA’s music stage comeback- that is if she’s allowed to perform her comeback.



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