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Epik High’s 7th Album ’99’ Releases


Epik High ’99’

After Mithra’s military hiatus, hip hop trio is back with a seventh album under YG Entertainment. Before the official album release; the group released an advanced single titled “It’s Cold” featuring YG’s new vocalist: Lee Ha Yi on October 9th.

The album ’99’ contains 10 tracks showcasing many genres and collaborations with other artists with big names such as: Park Bom (2NE1), Gaeko (Dynamic Duo) and of course Lee Ha Yi. Epik High worked on this album with many of YG’s producers: CHOICE37, Choi PIl Kang and DEE.P.

The digital album was released on October 19th. To some out there who own the digital album, 2 out of the 10 tracks aren’t available until CD release on the 23rd of this month.

Epik High doesn’t disappoint (not one bit) with their 7th album. As you listen to the album in a continuous fashion, the tracks each have a completely different sound and genre. So, there’s a song on their album that can suit everyone’s taste.


The double title tracks: “UP (feat. Park Bom)” and “Don’t Hate Me” are putting the group back on the charts with much force. With the track “UP,” the motivating and uplifting lyrics and amazing use of dynamics and tempo changes really get you up on your feet again. The bonus of Park Bom’s vocals in the chorus gives the song much hype towards the next verse and bridges. The back track has good harmonizes between the produced beats and flows with instruments.

In “Don’t Hate Me,” the song has an alternative feel in the instrumentals with the band that are incorporated into the song. With the sequences between Tablo and Mithra is just outstanding. Especially with a chorus that’ll just hook you in.

So check out and purchase Epik High’s 7th album, ’99’!


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