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DBSK’s Max Changmin Says He’s Better Looking Than U-Know Yunho

They can both sing and dance but when it comes to the looks department, DBSK’s Max Changmin says he’s a cut above U-Know Yunho.

In the October 23 broadcast of MBC Radio’s Shindong’s Shimshimtapa, the DBSK members appeared as guests where they also received a few ‘yes or no’ questions from DJ Shindong (of Super Junior).

Max Changmin was asked the question by Shindong, “Looking at only the face, do you think you are better looking than U-Know Yunho, yes or no?”

Without any hesitation, Max Changmin immediately responded, yes, before explaining, “Yunho hyung has a lot of merits, but just looking at the face, I’m better.”

To this, U-Know Yunho agreed saying, “In terms of the face, Changmin is better.”

However, when a lie detector test was conducted on U-Know Yunho, his answer came out as a lie, making the studio erupt into laughter.

In the same interview, the two members shared the things they had done for their girlfriends in the past with U-Know Yunho saying he made chicken porridge for a girlfriend before and also revealing he preferred taller and thinner girls rather than smaller girls.

Max Changmin revealed he cooked a cream cheese spaghetti and beef and abalone porridge for a past girlfriend before. In terms of women, he revealed he prefers women who coolly shows a bit more skin in the summer.

Credit: MBC & Mnet

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