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K-pop at Comic-Con (New York)


Comic Con

The New York Comic Con is an experience that all ages can enjoy. From comic books to action figures to manga/anime-they have it all. On Saturday, October 13, the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center was packed with willing minds to take in all that they could. As per usual, there is a K-Pop booth that sells music, posters and even showcases a video or two.

This is normal for NYCC. Artists like T-ARA, BEAST, Big Bang, BoA and more had their music and videos being displayed for willing folks to take a look at.

As stated before, this is extremely normal for Comic Con. However… a company by the name of Verix, Inc. happened to be displaying a new television with a 3-D type effect. People were intrigued, but what mainly caught folk’s eyes was the fact that the company was playing K-Pop music videos. 2NE1, Wonder Girls, f(x), Girls’ Generation and of course Psy were among the many that they had. “Gangnam Style” was featured countless times-causing young teens, which were K-pop fans, to dance to the song. This brought more attention to the booth, as well as the music.

People were drawn in, enjoying the music and of course the dances that went along with it. Once the teens decided that they were tired and could no longer keep a beat-they left, but the people seemed to stay. Some said, “Hey play some more music,” or even, “Those songs are really awesome,” K-Pop caught on to the audience in a matter of minutes.

With the music now stuck in their heads, some people were humming either “I Am The Best”, “Gangnam Style”, “Electric Shock” or “Nobody.”

Even if it was just for three days, that could be enough exposure to convert a few hundred fans to the world of Korean Pop music.


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