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Lee Seok Hun Lost 33kg For a Girl He Loved


Lee Seok Hun Lost 33kg For a Girl He Loved

Singer Lee Seok Hun talked about the reason why he decided to lose weight.

On YTN “Issue & People” that was aired on Tuesday, Lee Seok Hun said that he lost 33 kg because of the girl he loved. He continued saying, “There were several reasons that I lost weight. I was very big before the debut, weighing over 100kg. I had a girlfriend that I loved in the past, and she said that she liked skinny guys. That’s why I decided to lose weight.”

He answered to the question when the anchor said “do you have anyone you love right now?” by saying, “You need a lot of relationship experience to be a ballad singer. I don’t have a girlfriend right now though.”

Lee Seok Hun will have a solo concert at Ehwa Womans University from October 19th to 21st.


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