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Byul Reveals Love Story With Haha “I Thought His Confession Was Just Drunk Talk”


Byul Reveals Love Story With Haha “I Thought His Confession Was Just Drunk Talk”

Singer Byul revealed the full love story with Haha.

In SBS “Strong Heart” aired today, Byul came out as one of the guests.

On this day, she said, “About 7~8 years ago, I fell over Haha’s brainwashing plan. We used to work for a radio station together, but at one point, he started calling me drunk every night to tell me about his life.”

She continued, “He’s a silly and funny person usually so I thought he was just drunk talking but then I thought to myself, ‘Did I look that easy to him?’ so I straightforwardly told him ‘I’m not interested in you. I wish you wouldn’t call me anymore like this.”

She said, “And he didn’t call me after that but it was awkward when I ran into him. But I heard from other people that Haha has been going around saying a lot of good things about me.”

She lastly said, “And after 4~5 years of not talking, I got a text in the beginning of this year saying, ‘Byul, this is Dong Hoon. I like you’. It said, ‘We’re now at the age of marriage. Because we’re in different places right now, let’s go find the right place'”, buying jealousy from other female guests.

Credit: SBS & kpopstarz

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