G-Dragon Wears a Dress, ‘Unique Fashion Sense’


G-Dragon Wears a Dress, ‘Unique Fashion Sense’

Big Bang leader G-Dragon has been known for his unique and different fashion style.

In these pictures, G-Dragon is sporting a black dress with a star print. His overall outfit is very ‘out-there’ with the patterned scarf and dog t-shirt. He is also wearing a lot of necklaces and piercings.

G-Dragon’s style is one that not all people might like, however he is always praised for his avant-garde attitude.

Internet users commented, “No matter how strange it is, he still looks good in it” and “It’s a little weird.”

G-Dragon has recently come back with his title song, “That XX.” He plans to come back again later this year with another album.


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2 comments on “G-Dragon Wears a Dress, ‘Unique Fashion Sense’

  1. just the way he is, be what he want to be.. wear what he want to wear no matter what the other say.. remember that he’s one of a kind..

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