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TVXQ Expected to be Touched Less by Anti-Korean Sentiments in Japan

Korea and Japan is still at odds regarding the Dokdo controversy, and anti-hallyu sentiments have been escalating with every move.
Some lawmakers have demanded that hallyu stars shouldn’t be given visas into the country, while netizens have also raised their voices that K-Pop should be banned.
K-Pop, however, is still popular in Japan. Korean idol singers can still be found on the Oricon charts, proving that the Korean wave is still strong. What is actually in danger now is whether Korean artists will be allowed to appear in Japanese year-end song festivals.
On August 27, J Cast quoted out of an interview with officials, ‘Since NHK is a public broadcasting system that gets its license fee from the people, it can’t ignore public opinion. If negative reactions continue to grow K-Pop singers won’t be allowed on the Red & White Song Battle.’
The weekly Josei Jisin also listed on September 4 the singers it expected would appear in the 2012 Red & White Song Battle, and pointed out that K-Pop singers would probably find it hard to appear due to the Dokdo issue.
TVXQ, however, wasn’t categorized as a K-Pop singer and was put down as a possible for the show’s lineup. It concluded that TVXQ can’t be said to be a K-Pop singer.
Kara and Girls’ Generation (SNSD), which are popular in Japan, are active as K-Pop singers riding on the Korean wave. TVXQ, however, used localization strategies to establish itself more as ‘Tohoshinki’ (Japanese) rather than ‘Dongbangshinki’ (Korean). It is thus loved not only among fans of the Korean wave, but also the broader public.
The Red & White Song Battle is a music program that features the singers who can represent the year’s scene, and boasts a long history and prestige. Last year SNSD and Kara became the first Korean girl groups to appear on the show. Whether they will be able to continue the success is yet to be seen.
 credit: TVXQ, Kara and SNSD’s Japanese album covers & E news World

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