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Psy Appears on “The Ellen Show” Along with Britney Spears

Psy Appears on “The Ellen Show” Along with Britney  Spears

World star Psy has pop star  Britney Spears performing his popular horse-riding dance on their appearance on  popular “The Ellen Show.”

The singer Psy who swept the entire globe with his infectious song “Gangnam  Style” appeared on NBC’s “The Ellen Show” along with pop star Britney  Spears, “American Idols” judge Simon Cowell. On this day Psy’s appearance on  national TV was shared live by audience members through YouTube, Twitter and  other SNS platforms.

“The Ellen Show” is a popular talk show featuring America’s top celebrities  such as Brad Pitt, including Beyonce, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Usher, and Justin  Timberlake.

Psy beforehand shared on his Twitter on Saturday stating, “I’m at the ABC  news again~~!!” along with the interview video. Psy appeared on ABC’s  “Nightline” stating, “I didn’t expect anything overseas at all. I was just  thinking to make a huge hit in Korea. That was my only purpose.”

“Nightline” anchor mentioned “It seems Americans just can’t get enough of the  goofy Korean music video called, ‘Gangnam Style.'”

Currently the viral video surpassed even 141 million views on YouTube with no  signs of stopping.

Psy is currently becoming the biggest K-Pop star as he even appeared at MTV’s  2012 VMAs last Thursday.


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