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After School’s Uee “My Ideal Type Changes Every 5 Years, Now…”


After  School member Uee is seen in a  fresh new military look for “Campus 10” fashion magazine.

Uee is seen wearing a boxy camouflage jacket along a yellow tiered dress,  matching a marine look concept jacket, hat and black walkers.

The photo shoot concept which was to reproduce the romantic military look Uee  alternated between 10 different outfits taking out the prejudice against of how  men think of women seen in tough, military style.

Male fans that saw Uee’s photo on “Campus 10” homepage commented, “If I had a  female soldier as a captain during my term in the army then I wouldn’t mind  going back to serve for my military service.”

Uee shared through the interview, “It seems my ideal type of guy changes  every 5 years. In my 20s I liked someone who had a cute charm now I prefer a  person who is thoughtful.”


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