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PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple Threat


PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple  Threat

YG  Entertainment and its prowess is growing every day.

As Psy’s  “Gangnam  Style” music video surpassed the 60 million views on YouTube, Big  Bang G-Dragon’s  new single, “One of a Kind,” was also released on August 25, now recording 6.4  million views in a matter of 3 days.

Justin Bieber’s management company recently reached out to Psy and took a  meeting with him. 2NE1’s Los  Angeles concert featured a surprise performance with Will.i.am and interest from  American companies. It is clear that YG is at the forefront of stepping out into  the international markets.

Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy, Se7en, Epik High, and Gummy all line the YG label and  they were always influential but it was never at this height. Even with Big Bang  and 2NE1 at the top of their respective piles, the label had not been at the  center of this much attention until “Gangnam Style” blew up everywhere. As Psy  is being catapulted to world star status, the synergy is exacting its power on  YG and their international reach.

As the Dokdo issue flares up again, YG is relieved from having to rely on the  Japanese market for a large portion of their commercial success. Psy was  originally scheduled to go into the Japanese market but as his song went viral,  the doors to the American market opened first. He visited with some industry  people in LA, after 10 days in the States and he came back with possibilities of  good news.

Before the land dispute got ugly, YG already completed their Big Bang World  Tour in Japan as well as the “YG Family: concert, which drew a total of 300,000  people in Japan and earned about $49 million. 2NE1 still has the Japanese  portion of their World Tour left but there is currently no news of any ticket  cancellations or refunds. Big Bang will continue their world tour into North and  South America as well as Europe. As Psy begins to circle the world, YG will  score its most profitable year yet in 2012.

This helped the YG stock prices for obvious reasons. It’s been on an  increasing trend since “Gangnam Style” debuted, having gone up approximately  $165 million over the past two months. The reason being Psy’s rise in status  around the world. YG believes that the synergy to be expected from the Psy-Big  Bang-2NE1 triangle will be immense and the recent success is because of this new  power combination.

Psy is not an idol singer. He’s not like the other boy and girl groups that  have been dominating the market recently. His world fame now will most likely  affect the way that the Korean music industry sees itself as well. A professor  at Sungshin Women’s University said, “The Psy phenomenon has confirmed that the  variety in K-Pop can be a key to success rather than the formulaic creation of  idol groups.”

YG can also stand to benefit from the fame of “Gangnam Style” on merchandise.  A German shopping mall has already started selling t-shirts with the “Gangnam  Style” motif and though YG is not currently posing a problem, they should be  gearing to take advantage of this opportunity and go into fashion with the  recent increase in popularity as well.

Credit: YG Entertainment & kpopstarz


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