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KARA gets Hit with 4 Strikes Just One Week After Making Come Back


KARA gets Hit with 4 Strikes Just One Week After Making  Come Back

With KARA’s comeback  of only one week, they have been hit with 4 negative strikes. KARA came back on  August 22 with their ‘PANDORA”  showcase.

First, they were criticized for their ‘sexual’ outfits for their new song.  The fans were also disappointed in KARA’s youngest member Kang  Jiyoung for turning ‘sexy’. They had anticipated her usual cute image.

Their short pants and swimming suit tops with a revealing back have caused  controversy with some believing that it was too much while some thought it was  just enough skin.

Another strike was due to their silence when asked about Dokdo. Being a top  girl group of Korea, many thought they would be able to express their opinions  about Dokdo. However, they chose not to speak up about it, making people in  Korea in a state of shock.

A third strike was hit when an online community board posted about their  outfits being a copy of a famous fashion designers’ outfit. They believed that  it was very similar to a designer brand collection from back in 2008.

Their last strike happened recently when their cars were seen parked at a  handicap spot for about 15-20 minutes. With many younger fans looking up to  them, this was an action that would not set a good role model for their younger  viewers.

KARA who is known for being one of Korea’s top girl groups have disappointed  many with these continuous strikes.


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