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‘To the Beautiful You’ Sulli Takes the Fall For Kiss with Minho


‘To the Beautiful You’ Sulli Takes the Fall For Kiss  with Minho

Jae Hee took the fall for Tae Joon, claiming herself the ‘America Kiss  Wizard.’

On the Wednesday episode of SBS’ “To  the Beautiful You,” Jae Hee, played by f(x)’s Sulli,  helped out a Tae Joon, played by SHINee’s Minho, who  found himself in a precarious situation. Tae Joon has a strange habit of kissing  the first person he sees when he consumes any kind of alcohol, which is why he  found himself kissing Jae Hee. However, someone was secretly photographing the  whole scene and the photo quickly spread throughout the school.

Tae Joon’s rival Hyeon Jae, played by Kang Ha Neul, made fun of him, asking  if he is now a part of the first campus couple in the history of their elite  male-oriented sports high school. The other kids continued to laugh at Tae Joon  and his situation. Unable to contain his frustration, he grabbed Hyeon Jae  aggressively and Jae Hee intervened.

Jae Hee says, “Aren’t you a victim of this too? He has to be given a taste of  his own medicine, so tell everyone how it is! I was the one that kissed him and  I’m good at it.” She grabs Eun Gyeol, played by Lee Hyun Woo, and kisses him on  the cheek. “You see? In America, you can kiss anyone whenever. So don’t spread  weird rumors.”

Audiences are paying attention to how Jae Hee will put herself on the line to  help Tae Joon while Eun Gyeol, finds himself a nervous wreck after the kiss made  his heart race.


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