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SM TOWN LIVE Amazing Performance Lacks One Thing


SM  Entertainment showed its full capacity as the leader of the K-Pop  wave.

On Saturday afternoon, “SMTOWN  Live World Tour 3” started off in Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

TVXQ, BoA, Girls  Generation, Super  Junior, SHiNee and a  total of 52 artists were on the same stage. Just looking at their names, you can  tell that they are Asia’s top artists. The 40,000 fans that gathered there to  see them were very happy to be there.

This is the third ‘SMTOWN’ performance of the year and looking at the  performances, we wonder how SM was able to put out so many world stars. You can  also see what direction SM wants to go in in the future.

That direction is to make sure that the artists fit the description of an  ‘idol.’ Before the performance, fans from 30 countries around the world  including the US, France, the UK, Poland, Australia, Japan and China, stood  under the large SM flag with the flags of their own countries. SM vows to create  a new nation under their music and put differences of countries aside.

In creating their own country, SM gave us a glimpse of what they want to  achieve. They’re trying to expand out from entertainment into travel, cooking  and other industries. They want to create a sort of family and a very united  corporation that increases people’s loyalty. Though they expect that people will  originally protest the growing of their influence in other areas as well, SM’s  synergy power seems to hold more potential.

“SMTOWN Live World Tour 3” showed that potential very well. Most of the songs  at the performance were changed to hold a kind of rock-n-roll vibe and the  charisma the artists showed were incredibly engaging.

The collaborations between these idol groups like f(x), EXO, Girls  Generation, Super Junior and BoA were incredibly interesting to see. First  generation idol H.O.T videos went up on the screen and all the 52 artists sang  along to H.O.T’s song “Hope,” to close the concert.

The performance included water guns and endless amounts of fireworks, both of  which heightened the experience of the performance. TVXQ’s Yunho, Super Junior’s  Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin, f(x)’s Victoria, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Yuri,  and Yoona all participated in a dance parade and it was a moment when the  passion of the artists became one with the fans and their love for these  groups.


However, there was one aspect that left you slightly disappointed. This was  the lack of a live band. The singers’ performances were not 100% live, since  some of the vocals and back chorus were pre-recorded. Because of the amount of  powerful dancing and much moving around in their engaging performances, this  could have been the right choice. However, everyone understands that this is  just an excuse and it is one of the things that were not perfect during the  night.

If SM is dreaming big, they need to aim for artists like Lady Gaga or  Beyoncé. They need to understand why fans go crazy at live performances of  artists like them and much of it is respect for them as singers. Popularity is  temporary. In order for K-pop to have a long run and prove themselves as  important artists and musicians, they must act as so.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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