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2NE1’s Powerful Performance Shocked America

2NE1 successfully  finished their first solo concert in America.

2NE1 had their “New  Evolution” world tour on Friday, at the New Jersey Prudential Center.

Around 7,000 people from New Jersey, New York, Canada, Florida, and people  from all across the United States attended the concert.

The concert started with their hit song “I Am The Best,” and continued with  “Don’t Stop The Music,” “Free Boy,” “Kiss,” “Because,” “Lonely,” and their most  recent song “I Love You.” They performed a total of 26 songs and the concert  lasted for around 2 hours.

CL had  a solo performance, performed the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi  Lauper as a DJ from an elevated platform. The crowds cheered loudly. Minzy had  a powerful solo dance performance and the audience cheered loudly. Bom performed  her solo “You and I” and made the fans emotional. The members all had their own  performances and showed different and new sides of themselves.

Another performance that left an impression was the “Please Don’t Go” duet  performance by CL and Minzy with the roller coaster screen background.

In the middle of the performance, footages of 2NE1 busily preparing to meet  the fans was revealed, and many of the fans cheered.

During the “I Love You” performance, the fans had prepared an event. They all  joined together and cheered. The VIP section held up placards during the song  and the 3,000 attendees in the other areas held up pink glow-sticks. The  glow-sticks were specifically used during the “I Love You” song. The fans  cheered by waving those items. All other glow sticks were turned off and stowed  away.

When all of their performances ended, they performed “I Don’t Care” and “I Am  The Best” as their encore performances.


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