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HyunA’s ‘Oppa Is Just My Style’ MV Response is Half and Half

HyunA’s ‘Oppa You’re My Style’ MV Response is Half and  Half

Psy’s new  version of “Gangnam  Style” with 4minute  member HyunA  was released today called, “Oppa Is Just My Style.” The responses towards the  new music video were half and half.

In the music video, HyunA is performing a sexy dance while Psy continues with  his comic dance. The two dance the ‘horse-riding’ dance together at the end.  HyunA’s outfit gains much attention as well.

Internet users who liked the music video commented, “The visuals are great”,  “It was worth the wait” and “That was a great performance.”

On the other hand, people that were disappointed with the new version stated  that the melody of the song did not work with HyunA’s voice. It seemed that  HyunA’s ‘cute’ style voice was not enough for this powerful song.

Internet users who did not quite like the music video commented, “Her voice  does not go with the song” and “I like HyunA but her voice seems awkward  here.”

HyunA has also been featured in the original version of “Gangnam  Style.”


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