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‘To the Beautiful You’, Yet Another Japanese Manga Remake: No More Creativity?

Creating a work of art is always painful. People have to pour in much effort, time and pain in order to come up with something entirely new. The cruel part is that no one knows where such pains will lead and how the works born through such processes will be received beforehand.
In the drama world, the results are even harsher. It’s either lauded as a hero, or fails miserably.
It could become the Nation’s drama like Unexpected You, with 40 percent viewership ratings, or it could stumble along like Jung Ryeo Won’s Autumn Shower with the lowest ever 2.3 percent ratings (TNmS) and disappear unnoticed by anyone.
The sadder thing is that no one remembers a drama that suffered from low ratings.
In this sense, if, instead of trying to come up with new ideas, directors make dramas out of mangas or books that are popular, they can start off with the advantage of the original’s name value. The public are sure to become curious on how the popular pieces will be remade into dramas.
That the dramas Full House, Boys over Flowers, Princess Hours, The Sun and the Moon and War of Money, which were based on original mangas or books, garnered great successes proves this fact.
To the Beautiful You, which will air its first episode on August 15, is also based on an original manga. It is noticeable, however, that the producer of this drama, producer Jun Gi Sang, remade the Japanese manga Boys over Flowers for his previous piece.
Boys over Flowers gave birth to the top star Lee Min Ho, and managed to make issues and gather big ratings.
To the Beautiful You has similarly been gathering issues even before it’s started airing thanks to its idol cast, featuring SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli, helped along by curiosity on whether the producer will be able to do better than his last.
Although the drama does already seem to be set on having it easy, the new piece is already causing some controversy. The reason is that the producer chose to remake a Japanese manga again right after he already did one.
If the originals are good, they can get the public interested and wondering how their favorite scenes will look on video, but it can’t be good for the industry in the long term if directors continue to build their dramas on top of Japanese mangas.
It’s fine to use pieces guaranteed for success, but there’s a reason why those pieces that took up new challenges such as The Chaser were received well. It didn’t have big issue-making stars, but the veteran actors’ skilled acting and tight-knit plot sent shockwaves through the small screen. We need more of such pieces like The Chaser.
Will To the Beautiful You still manage to be a success? We′ll find out when it airs on August 15.

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