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‘To the Beautiful You’ What Kind of Chemistry Will Sulli and Minho have?


‘To the Beautiful You’ What Kind of Chemistry Will Sulli  and Minho have?

Many viewers are asking what kind of chemistry will there be between f(x)’s Sulli  disguised as a boy and archetypal bad boy SHINee’s Minho in  SBS drama “To  the Beautiful You?”

Even though Sulli cut her hair incredibly short and she is dressed in a boy’s  school uniform, she’s still pretty. Though she may act tough, would she still  pass as a realistic boy amongst other high school boys? Fellow actors have  commented on how one day her walk even began to resemble those of boys. Sulli  added, “I made sure to observe how men act and speak. I recently put on women’s  clothes and it was incredibly awkward!” Despite the men’s clothes, you can still  see the small bodyline and pretty face of the girl. On the other hand, Tae Joon  is the archetypal athlete, well built, tall and tan. Minho is known to be one of  the most athletic idols out there and it fits him quite accordingly. So the  question remains how will there be a romance between a girly boy and a boy’s  boy?

KBS “Boys Over Flowers” producer Jun Ki Sang is directing “To the Beautiful  You” and people are wondering if this one will be as much of a star vehicle as  the other drama. There will be a love triangle, unrequited love and other side  stories about student athletes and audiences are anticipating how Jun Ki Sang  will create the romance story out of the backdrop of a sports high school.  Rather than direct them about their acting techniques, he told them to be  themselves and draw out their own personalities within the characters.

This drama is different from the other love-borne dramas of the past. The  female characters are incredibly devoted they will do anything to get to the man  of their dreams. Some will wait in a gift box all day and some, like Jae Hee,  will disguise themselves as boys to attend the same school. It would be fresh  and unique to see girls be on the offensive this time rather than boys trying to  win the hearts of girls. This is an important point that will draw viewers away  from other competing dramas to this one in particular.


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