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T-ARA Soyeon’s Car Accident is Fake?!


T-ARA Soyeon’s Car Accident is Fake?!

There have been allegations that T-ARA  member Soyeon’s car  accident is a lie.

Yesterday, Soyeon was in the car on her way to the filming of her new drama  when the car slipped on the road, crashing into the guardrail. She was taken to  the hospital to find out that she did not have any major injuries. A picture of  her at the hospital was revealed online with a neck brace.

However, an internet user who claims to work in a hospital claimed that the  accident is false. The problem was the neck brace. The neck brace that Soyeon  was wearing in the pictures was for someone who has hurt their neck severely.  For Soyeon to put her hand up to her head would be impossible if she really did  hurt her neck. This proved that her accident could in fact be a lie.

Internet users commented, “If this is true, I am so disappointed” and “Just  looking at the pictures it looks fake.”


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