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Super Junior’s Donghae is a ‘Flower Beast’?


Super  Junior’s Donghae recently  revealed his ‘beast’ like body in his upcoming drama


Donghae is currently starring in the upcoming Channel A drama “Miss Panda and  Porcupine” and for the first episode, he is seen revealing his bare upper body  while changing into his patissier uniform.

Donghae is known for his milky white skin and flower boy looks and thus  grabbed viewers’ attention with his toned muscle upper body. He sheds his gentle  and soft image and makes a 180 degree transformation into a ‘beastly’ man and  thus is garnering much anticipation for the first episode.

Also, it is said that once Donghae took off his shirt for the scene, the  female staff members on set cheered him on as well as the male staff also  complimenting him.

In related news, “Miss Panda and Porcupine” follows love story between a cold  genius pastry chef Go Seung Ji and miss panda and will begin airing starting  this Saturday


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