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Fans are Furious with T-ARA Soyeon’s Explanation for Bullying Rumors

Fans are Furious with T-ARA Soyeon’s Explanation for  Bullying Rumors

T-ARA Soyeon is the  first out of the members to talk about the bullying rumors against Hwayoung.  Her response to this has gained much attention from fans.

Today, with an interview with Josun Ilbo, she stated, “I have seen the  pictures the fans have put up as ‘evidence’ of the bullying rumors. Someone  could actually think that it’s true by just looking at these pictures. It is  true that we were a bit disappointed in her from the Tokyo concert. She kept  saying that her leg hurt and she was at the beauty shop while we were  practicing.”

Soyeon continued, “After the concert, we asked the CEO to ‘take care of this  matter’ and after that there were a series of incidents. We didn’t know that  this would end with Hwayoung being terminated from the group. We found out the  news through an article. We were very disappointed with our company. We only  asked them to help us solve our little conflict. Dismissing her from the group  would but the blame on us. The CEO told us that this was the best for Hwayoung.  We were all in much pain.”

When asked about Hwayoung’s bullying rumors, she replied, “We are a group of  7-8 girls in their late teens and twenties. We all want to be the center of  attention popular. There is always going to be conflict going on. We fight and  make up every day. The conflict with Hwayoung was similar. If you say that our  relationship is bad because of it, then all of us would be having bad  relationships wit one another then.”

With this response from Soyeon, many fans and internet users were furious  rather than understanding.

On various portal sites such as ‘T-JinYo’ and other fan cafes, comments such  as, “Hwayoung was right, they are all ‘truth without facts'”, “They have no  sense of humbleness or reflection on their actions” and “They make it look like  T-ARA members are the victims. They need to take some time to think about what  they have done.”

Other comments were seen such as, “It’s Kim  Kwang Soo’s fault, not Soyeon’s. Just because they fought a little he kicks  out a member” and “I wish the agency would clarify the situation more for the  public.”


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