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20 Year Old IU, Unexpected Volume “Her Body Was Like This?”


Singer IU  showed her surprising voluminous body and gained attention.

On a website there were pictures of IU having her solo concert from June to  July, titled, “IU’s body was like this?”

In the picture that was revealed, she has a natural waved hair and a red  hairband on. She is smiling and holding a microphone.

IU was especially seen wearing a slightly revealing black see through  sleeveless shirt. It showed off her body and gained attention. IU is usually the  cute yet pure immage, and her showing her unexpected volume and sexy charms  gained attention.

Internet users said, “This kind of sexy concept suits her well took,” “Her  body was like this? It’s shocking,” “I keep looking,” “She is always  lovable.”

Meanwhile, IU recently did a voice dubbing for the 3D animation “Sammy’s  Adventures 2” with BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang.


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