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Open World CEO sentenced to 6 years in prison

Months after his arrest in April, Open World Entertainment’s CEO Jang Seokwoo was sentenced to six years in prison on the closing day of his court case.

On the 10th, the court sentenced Jang Seokwoo to six years in prison for violating the Minors Sexual Protection laws among other offenses. Along with the sentence, the court will make his personal information public for about five years, and he’ll have to complete 40 hours of a sexual treatment course. The Court said, “We cannot accept the claims from the defendant that the sexual contact was made willingly and without coercion and use of his power.” They further explained, “The fact that he used his power and position as an entertainment company CEO to create sexual playthings out of young girls, not caring about the shame of the victimized girls and not recognizing the significance of his actions and not showing repentance, causing a large portion of society to have a rotted view of the entire entertainment industry and evoke harsh criticism and scandal all served against him.” The prosecutors originally demanded a sentence of nine years in prison.

Jang was arrested last April under suspicion of having sexually assaulted various trainees of his company. With investigations under way, the past few months had a variety of court dates in which various statements, agreements and letters were passed through. Judge Yoo Sangjae was noted to have dismissed various requests by Jang Seokwoo and his counsel, such as the appeal for leniency in court and a request for bail.

Jang Seokwoo was eventually sentenced for the assault on four female trainees from his company, two of which are minors. He will have to sit through his full sentence, as he was denied to request a possible leave because of good behavior later on.

Source: Sports Seoul and BNT News via koreaboo

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