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Wonder Girls and miss A Seen With Sunmi! Will She Return as a Member of Wonder Girls?


Sunmi, a  former member of the Wonder  Girls, was captured in a photo dining with the idol groups Wonder Girls and miss A.

On Saturday (August 4), Hyerim  of Wonder Girls updated her personal Twitter page stating, “JYP  Girls” and included a photo. In the picture, both Wonder Girls and miss A  members are captured eating at a restaurant together after their “JYP  Nation” Concert. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as they are posing  for the camera. The photo drew attention for revealing the former member Sunmi,  who resigned from the Wonder Girls back in 2009.

2AM’s Jo Kwon and 2PM’s Wooyoung  were also captured in the photo sitting with the Wonder Girls and miss A.

Sunmi resigned from the Wonder Girls in 2009 to focus on her studies.  Currently, Sunmi is a trainee at JYP and is reportedly receiving vocal and dance  training.

People in the online community responded with comments like, “I wonder why  Sunmi was with them,” “Since Sunmi is still a trainee, does that mean she will  be returning as a member of the Wonder Girls?”, “She’s being seen with a lot of  JYP people these days”, “It’s good to see all of them together”, and “It’s cute  to see Jo Kwon and Wooyoung eating with them.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment held the “JYP Nation” concert at  the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on Saturday (August 4) and will also hold two  additional concerts in Japan on August 18 and 19.


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