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T-ARA ‘Bullying Evidence’ seen in Japanese Newspaper?


T-ARA ‘Bullying Evidence’ seen in Japanese  Newspaper?

After Hwayoung’s  dismissal, news about T-ARA’s  disbandment in a Japanese newspaper has gained much attention.

On a recent online community, a title with, “T-ARA’s issue is now in Japanese  Newspapers,’ along with a photo.

In the news article, there are pictures of T-ARA and two news articles, one about T-ARA and one about Hwayoung.

The way the pictures were placed in the paper have also been gaining  attention. On the left side, T-ARA is seen walking together, while Hwayoung is  placed on the right side of the paper by herself.

Internet users commented, “This is an international disgrace”, “Was this  picture taken in Japan?” and “Why is Hwayoung all by herself.”

However, it was released today saying that those articles were explaining the  possibility that T-ARA’s busy schedule and Hwayoung’s exposure incident could  result in disbandment of the group.

Other internet users have commented that problems with the group could have  started from their Japan activities.


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