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T-ARA Back Dancers Stand as Witnesses, “If This is Real, It’s a Serious Issue”


While the craze behind Hwayoung’s withdrawal continues, a “back dancer”  internet user’s posts to add to the controversy.

Though it is true that T-ARA’s  back dancer team is Yama & Hot Chicks, it has not yet been confirmed that  this internet user is a a dancer from this team. Nevertheless, her post is  receiving much attention due to its ability to specifically describe the  Hwayoung bullying incident.

This internet user wrote, “Due to the busy schedule and the tense start to  the rehearsal, Hwayoung had gotten some of  the moves wrong. After seeing  her Soyeon and Jiyeon sneered at Hwayoung and said, ‘I would do well if I were  you.'”

She continued to write, “As our coordinator mediated the slight conflict and  started the rehearsal again, Jiyeon noticed Hwayoung’s dark expression. Jiyeon  then slapped Hwayoung on the cheek and practically cursed at Hwayoung, ‘If you  had the honor enough to join this prestigious group you should prove your worth.  Get rid of that face and practice,'”

Internet users commented, “If this is true, it’s really shocking,” and, “I  don’t think she could possibly make up such a detailed scenario. I want to know  what the truth is.” They also wrote, “I’m sure if Hwayoung’s parents saw this,  they’d be really upset.”

Currently T-JinYo (We Want the Truth Behind T-ARA), a movement by fans, is  increasing in number by the day: as of lately it’s at 160,000  members.


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