Ex-Super Junior Member Hangeng Gets Caught Up In A Scandal


Previous member of Super  Junior member Hangeng’s scandal is stirring a lot of responses in  China.

On the 25th, a Chinese media source reported, “Recently, Hangeng, with an  actress he is dating, returned from a trip to Bali.”

The girl that Hangeng is supposedly dating is rumored to be actress Wang Luo  Dan.

However, Hangeng during an interview with the Chinese media said, “I’m not  close with Wang Luo Dan. I’ve only seen her once. Greeting each other is the  only way we ever interacted.”

Internet users who read the news replied, “So it’s not real? I wonder where  these rumors started,” “They look good together,” “After this, I’d wish that  they would just start dating,” and “Wasn’t Hangeng going out  with Jiang Kia Tong?”

Meanwhile in February, Hangeng was receiving a lot of attention for going on  a Maldives vacation with actress Jiang Kia Tong.


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2 comments on “Ex-Super Junior Member Hangeng Gets Caught Up In A Scandal

  1. Han Geng never have met and said hello to Wang Luo Dan. She is a witch and made Han Geng felt like he lied twice. Royal wedding soon from me and Han Geng himself!!

  2. Wang Luo Dan will be fired, arrested and executed for being a witch of a core.

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