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T-ARA Hyomin Fills in Hwayoung’s Rap Part, ‘Forgot Lyrics’ and Looks On Hand


T-ARA Hyomin forgets  the lyrics to Hwayoung’s rap.

On the 27th on KBS2 “Music Bank London Olympics Special,” T-ARA performed  “Day By Day” without two of their members, Hwayoung and Soyeon.

The remaining members were seen doing their best to fill in the parts of  their missing members. Early on in the performance, Eunjung filled in for  Hwayoung’s rap and Soyoung’s verse. She was successful to say the least.

However, a small issue rose in the later half of the song for the second part  of Hwayoung’s rap.

Hyomin, who was responsible for this part, forgot the lyrics: “You left me~”  The nervousness may have gotten the best of her, as she completely missed that  line. She quickly took a glance at the lyrics on her hand, wearing a shy smile  on her face. The audience was slightly disappointed, and even the camera man was  caught off guard. Rather than shooting a close up, a full-shot of her was taken,  interrupting the flow of the visuals.


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