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IU Used To Be in Five Girls Agency with ‘G.NA-Uee’?


IU Used To Be in Five Girls Agency with  ‘G.NA-Uee’?

Singer IU  was revealed to be part of the girl group Five Girls in the past.

In Mnet’s “Beatles  Code 2” aired on July 23, After  School member Uee revealed that  her first kiss was in the days of Five Girls. She shocked everyone by revealing  that her first kiss was with a male idol from the same agency. At this, the MCs  tried to guess which male idols were in the agency, and Uee said, “My agency had  a lot of trainees. IU, U-KISS’  Soohyun, Juniel, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon  and more.”

She continued, “I want to keep it a secret for myself,” but she continued  revealing secrets by saying “Back then I was a sophomore in high school and that  person was a student too. He used to work as an idol but I didn’t run into him  even once after my debut,” arousing laughter.

Internet users who saw this commented, “IU used to be in Good EMG, they must  be so sad they lost her,” and “IU and Uee used to be in the same agency? That’s  interesting.”

Photo Credit: Mnet,kpopstarz

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