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2PM Nichkhun Caught Drinking and Driving, License Confiscated

nichkhun drinking and driving

2PM member Nichkhun was  caught drinking and driving.

Nichkhun was found involved in a car accident on July 24 early in the  morning. While driving under the influence, he had crashed into a motorcycle.  His blood alcohol level at the time was 0.056%. His license is currently due  confiscation.

After discussion with the investigating dispatch police, it was revealed,  “Although he was found to be driving under the influence, he was not drunk. He  and the other involved in the accident were both brought to the police station  for further investigation.”

There were no serious injuries. The vehicles involved were also not in  critical condition. The police representative noted, “Due to the light fender  bender, both Nichkhun and the motorcycle rider are not seriously injured. Both  vehicles were taken care of through insurance. Currently Nichkhun has finished  his evaluation and he is taking steps to go home.”


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