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Big Bang 2012 Album King in Sales with 400,000 Copies Sold

Group Big  Bang ranked as the album king in the first half of 2012 in Korea.

According to the sales figure revealed through Gaon chart, Big Bang’s fifth  mini-album Alive,  released in February sold 266,911 copies allowing the group to rank as the top  selling album. Big Bang’s fifth min-album is the only single album that sold  over 200,000 copies among the albums ranked in the chart.

The mini-album’s title song “BLUE”  and several other songs also ranked high in the music charts for the first half  as well. Big Bang’s recent special edition album Still  Alive sold 117,929 copies, allowing two albums to rank within the top  10 of the album charts.

SHINee’s  fourth mini-album Sherlock  ranked second, recording total sales of 168,161 copies. Third place was taken by Girls’  Generation first unit group TaeTiSeo  with their debut mini-album Twinkle  ranking the highest in album sales among girl groups. TaeTiSeo’s album Twinkle sold 120,000 copies.

JYJ’s Junsu’s first  solo album Tarantallegra  grabbed fourth place with 126,220 copies, ranking the highest among solo  artists. CNBLUE’s third  mini-album Ear  Fun came in fifth place, with 121,735 copies.

Many are anticipating Big Bang to surpass half million album sales within  this year. A representative of album distributor KMP Holding stated, “Big Bang  is definitely the most popular with approximately 420,000 copies distributed and  most already sold in the market. We expect Big Bang to easily surpass the  500,000 sales mark.”

Also a representative of Gaon chart shared, “Last year there were 12 albums  that recorded over 100,000 sales mark compare to that in the first half of this  year there are whopping 9 albums that exceeded 100,000 copies.”


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