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Open World Entertainment CEO threatens victims, is reprimanded by judge

It has been revealed that Jang Seokwoo, CEO of Open World Entertainment, has been making threatening phone calls to the victims. Telling them that, “If you don’t settle, we won’t stop”, Jang Seokwoo’s side had been able to make various people sign settlements and have them retract their statements.

Upon discovering his acts, Jang Seokwoo was warned by the judge on the latest court date on June 29th. “Do not make threatening phone calls to the victims anymore. Coercing and threatening the victims is like injuring them twice. If the threats continue, there is no way that it won’t affect the trials.” In the previous trial, which happened early June, Jang Seokwoo was already warned not to contact victim A again.

As earlier revealed, a few of the girls involved in the case have made a settlement with Jang Seokwoo’s side and have withdrawn their accusations. It’s been stated that over $10,000 was given out in settlement money. Upon hearing this, the victims were questioned and gave conflicting statements, saying that victim B only received $2,000. Victims C and D were said not to have received anything. The court added that, “Both sides’ statements are entirely different so it is confusing. The confirmation of the money being given to the victims will be independently reported on and once again we will be able to stabling the truth.”

The CEO was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of having harassed various trainees of his company. Upon investigation and receiving no less than 10 statements from girls involved, Jang Seokwoo was charged and arrested.

Source: Sports Korea and Segye Ilbo via koreaboo

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