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T-ARA Vs. SISTAR , Who Will Rank 1st On Music Charts?


T-ARA Vs. SISTAR, Who Will Rank 1st In Music Charts?

Last year’s “music site king” T-ARA has come back on July 3 while SISTAR has been gaining popularity since the last half half of last year.

T-ARA released their new song, “Day By Day” at 1 PM on July 3 while SISTAR released their new song, “LOVING U” the morning of the same day. T-ARA felt that they needed to beat SISTAR as they were ranking first place on music sites such as Melon and Mnet.

T-ARA is focusing on keeping their high rankings. They plan to release 3 songs for the last half of year, just as they did last year with “Cry Cry”, “Roly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey.”

An official who saw T-ARA’s “Day By Day” music video commented, “This song has depth and it is very deep. I hope that they will be successful in their music and their dramas.”

Their music video will be similar to a Sci-Fi drama with many high quality computer graphics. It will release at 1 PM on July 3. The music video will be released 13 hours later then the song.

In comparison to T-ARA, SISTAR has comeback with a lovely and cute song. Compared to their previous song, “By Myself,” this song shows off their great figures and is making its way up the music charts.

SISTAR has come back on June 28 and has been ranking high in the charts for the past 6 days. With T-ARA’s comeback, fans are excited to see who will place 1st on the charts.



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