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f(x) Krystal “They Told Me I was Just Another Common Face”


Krystal of f(x)

On an episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” that aired on July 2nd, K-Pop idol groups f(x) and Wonder Girls appeared as guests.

During the interview on the show, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked Krystal of f(x), “When you compare yourself to your sister Jessica of Girls’ Generation, who do you think is prettier?”

Krystal asnwered, “My sister” and Tak Jae Hoon replied, “The public thinks so as well, but personally, I think Krystal is prettier.” Krystal then replied, “I can’t agree with you on that. Honestly, I’ve heard so often that my face is a very common face. People say that a face like mine can be seen at any school in Korea” and shocked the audience.

Viewers who saw Krystal’s interview responded with comments like, “Krystal is a common face? I don’t believe it”, “Too pretty to be a common face”, “Krystal’s face is honestly not common”,  and etc.

Credit: Mnet

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