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BIGBANG, 2PM & Nick Chou Win #1 on the OneAsiaa Weekly Music Chart!

With an estimated 500 votes in this week’s OneAsiaa’s music chart, the results are out!

The winner for the K-Pop chart, for the second consecutive week and with 37% of the votes, is BigBang for their song  “Monster”!

Congratulations to BigBang on taking the #1 spot for the second time. Check out the results below:

2. F(X) – Electric Shock

3. Infinite – The Chaser

4. Teen Top – To You

5. Wonder Girls – Like This

6. IU – At The End Of The Day

7. MYNAME – Hello&Goodbye

8. Ulala Session – Goodbye Day

9. Younha ft. John Park – Would We Have Changed

10. Jung Hyung Don & Defconn – The Gloomy Song

The #1 Spot for the J-Pop chart goes to the hot boys of 2PM for their track “Beautiful”!

Congratulations to 2PM!

Check out the rest of the results below:

2. Arashi – Your Eyes

3. Morning Musume – One Two Three

4. Nana Mizuki – Metro Baroque

5. Crystal Kay – Forever

6. CODE V – Kimi ga Kureta Mono

7. Kanjani8 – Ai Deshita.

8. Shonan no Kaze – Entenka

9. Kaori Mochida – Utsukushiki Uruwashiki Hibi

10. Miliyah Kato – AIAIAI

Last but not least, the winner for the C-Pop chart is….Nick Chou for his track “S.N.G(范瑋琪)!”

Congrats to Nick Chou who made a spectacular comeback from being #10 last week to #1 this week!!!

Check out the rest of the results below:

2. Fan Fan (范瑋琪) – Dearest

3. Lala Xu – Dare or Not (你敢不敢)

4. Yoga Lin – You (誘)

5. Chen / He Jie – After

6. Jane Zhang – Finally

7. Jia Ying – Not Too Hard (徐佳瑩)

8. Lin Fan – Farewell Tune (告別像低迴溫婉的小調)

9. 丁噹 – 好難得

10. 辛曉琪 – 悠遊自在

Those are the results for the third week of June!

Thank You everyone how voted for this chart. Also stay tuned for more updates with OneAsiaa.


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