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BIGBANG, AKB48 & Fan Fan Win #1 on the OneAsiaa Weekly Music Chart!

With an estimated 600 votes in this week’s OneAsiaa’s music chart, the results are finally out!

The winner for the K-Pop chart is none other than the boys who claim they are not “Monster”, BigBang!

Congratulations to BigBang on taking the #1 spot this week. Check out the results below:

2. IU – At The End Of The Day

3. Infinite – The Chaser

4. Wonder Girls – Like This

5. Teen Top – To You

6. Dalmatian – E.R.

7. G.NA – 2HOT

8. Baek Ji Young (Ft. Jun Hyung) – Good Boy

9. Dal Shabet – Mr. Bang Bang

10. LeeSang – My Love

The #1 Spot for the J-Pop chart goes to the amazing girls of AKB48 for their track Manatsu no Sounds Good!

Congratulations to AKB48!!!

Check out the rest of the results below:

2. Crystal Kay – Forever

3. CODE V – Kimi ga Kureta Mono

4. Kana Nishino – Watashitachi (私たち)

5. SKE48 – Ai Shite Love Ru!

6. GReeeeN – Oh!!!! Meiwaku!!!!

7. Ken Hirai – Kokuhaku (告白)

8. Not yet – Suika BABY (西瓜BABY)

9. SEKAI NO OWARI – Nemuri Hime (眠り姫)

10. Sakanaction – Boku to Hana

Last but not least, the winner for the C-Pop chart is….Fan Fan(范瑋琪) for her track “Dearest!”

Congrats to Fan Fan!!!

Check out the rest of the results below:

2. Chen / He Jie – After

3. Jane Zhang – Finally

4. Hu Xia – Sad Fairy Tale

5. 羅志祥(Luo) – I

6. 阿杜(Adu) – VALENTINE’S DAY

7. Zhang Yun Jing – Chuan Xi (IVVI Ban)

8. Della Ding – Hao Nan De (好難得 )

9. 浩角翔起 – 謝謝你(Thank You)

10. 周湯豪(Tang Hao Zhou) – S.N.G

Those are the results for the second week of June. Did you favorite artist not win this passed week? Do not worry, the next voting chart will be posted shortly.

Thank You everyone how voted for this chart. Also stay tuned for more updates with OneAsiaa.

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