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Over 100 groups to compete for music show slots this summer

While many fans are already familiar with the big names that are making their comebacks this summer, they’ll still be surprised to hear that a whopping 100 teams are scheduled to promote at the same time this summer.

This puts a big strain on the music programs, as there are only so many slots that are free for the taking. Unfortunately, this also means that songs will be heavily cut down to accommodate as many artists on one show as possible. With so many comebacks lined up, artists shouldn’t expect to receive special treatment, as music programs have revealed that it’s getting harder and harder to schedule two stage comebacks, which is usually the norm for bigger artists.

With the Wonder Girls starting this week, followed by f(x), and After School right behind them next week, 2NE1 and B2ST will also be coming back in the same month. As the latter two haven’t released any finalized dates yet, lesser known artists have no choice but to schedule their debuts or comebacks right alongside them. Also fighting for their share of the pie are Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, and ZE:A, who are scheduled for comebacks as well, and various rookie artists and groups.

One industry official expressed, “There are a lot more managers than usual at broadcast halls these days. They are all working for artists with considerable names so it’s a bloody field out there right now. There have been people saying that there will be over 100 teams promoting this summer.”

Music programs are also stressed with the inflation of top groups. With everyone achieving considerable accomplishments on the charts and rising as one of the ‘top groups’, there are more and more popular groups to cater to.

Another official stated, “When we call the music program PDs to discuss comeback preparations, the first thing we hear is a deep sigh. They’re always calling us to cut down our songs further. There are so many popular artists that rookies have to cut their songs down significantly.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver via allkpop

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