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JYJ’s Junsu reveals behind the scenes footage from his “Tarantallegra” MV through concert video

On June 3, 2012, a concert video of JYJ member Junsu performing at his “Xia Tarantallegra 2012 Asia Tour” was recorded by a fan at one of the concerts. The concert video features clips of dance rehearsals for the “Tarantallegra” music video as well as the making of film. 

For the many fans who have wanted to see more of the female Junsu that appears for a few seconds throughout the actual “Tarantallegra” music video, the concert video shows all, as it reveals full body shots of Junsu dressed as a woman dancing and singing. Also, the concert video reveals clips of the music video making process between the dancing, changing of clothes/make-up, and changing of the scenes.

In addition to clips of the making of the “Tarantallegra” music video, the concert movie shows JYJ’s Junsu practicing the dance for “Tarantallegra” in a practice room with his dancers. In this section of the concert video, it can be seen that Junsu is completely comfortable and confident with his artsy concept in regards to his dancing, his singing, and his music. Junsu’s confidence in his music is shown in and throughout this concert video, re-enforcing what he stated in a press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel on May 16, 2012, that he didn’t really mind the bit of burden put on him to complete the “Xia Tarantallegra” album by himself because he said it, “means that I could write and perform the kind of music that I enjoy.”

Check out the fancam of the concert video below!

Source: JYJ3 and CSJYJ02 via koreaboo


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