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A-JAX’s dangerous “back-down” choreography causes worry amongst netizens


AJAX’s choreography during their “Back Down” dance performances has caused much disagreement among netizens.

Rookie group A-JAX debuted last weekend on the weekly music shows including MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo with their title track “ONE 4 U.” Their exceptional performances on these stages were noticed by the public, however their perfect dance, nicknamed the “back down” dance has become a hot topic amongst the public.

Netizens voiced their concerns over the impressive performance with comments, such as, “the choreography seems too dangerous, is it not possible to change it to something safer?”

They also commented, “Even though such a performance is amazing, their safety should be considered, if you do a dance like this you could get hurt in an instant,“ and “Nowadays singers suffer more and more for the aspect of their performance, although it is cool, they do not need to go to such extremes to impress fans, and even without such choreography they are still fully capable of captivating fans.”

On the other hand, other netizens shared favorable views regarding the performance with comments such as, “As you can see, it is fantastic,” “The impact is ‘daebak!’ This performance is one of a kind,” “It exceeded expectations,” “With such hard work, they will fly to the top,” and “Idols who take such risks should be applauded.”

A-JAX’s dance has a strong impact on the performance because six members “back-down” onto the floor in unison without any safety devices. Whether the dance will only be used for the debut performances, or if the dance will be continued to be used in follow up promotional broadcasts still remains in the air, as their company is still considering the danger of injuries that may be caused by the painstakingly practiced choreography.

Do you believe the dance should be cut from future performances since one member, YunYoung, has already ended up in the hospital? Or is it worth the risk all for impressing the audience?

The move is around the 3:18 mark.

Source: Newsen via koreaboo

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