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[RECAP] Big Episode 2

The episode starts with Gyung-Joon waking up (who is now in Yoon-Jae’s body) to see his teacher, Da-Ran in front of him. Da-Ran still can’t seem to grasp the situation about Gyung-Joon ending up in Yoon-Jae’s body, so the two sit at a table and Gyung-Joon explains, using cups and toy figures. He lifts the cup off the toy figures (representing their souls) and swaps them around. At last, Da-Ran understands and Gyung-Joon takes a soda from the fridge but Da-Ran prevents him from drinking it, saying it is bad for him.

The next day, Gyung-Joon wakes up to find food, besides pizza, on the table and that all the soda stored in the fridge has been replaced by healthy drinks. Annoyed, he decides not to have anything. We see Da-Ran hurrying into the restaurant, hoping not get caught by her parents. However, her mum spots her and points her put to her dad, but he pretends not to notice as she sneaks in.

We see Da-Ran running late for work while everyone has gathered at the front of the school. She takes her places in line along with her co-workers and apologizscorer boss scolds her. The P.E teacher sees, so he takes a step forward to prevent the teacher seeing Da-Ran. Just when everyone settles down, Gyung-Joon comes riding in a taxi, sticking his head out the window wearing shades. He runs over to Da-Ran who now has everyone’s attention on her and starts jumping frantically in front of her. Confused, Da-Ran begins to take out money that Gyung-Joon has asked for but Gyong-Joon just takes her wallet and runs over to the taxi.

After paying the driver, Gyung-Joon runs back to Da-Ran, looking like he itches all over the place. He tries to explain, but only flaps about, holding his shirt up, gaining weird looks from the Principle and her brother.

Gyung-Joon drags Da-Ran away and they go inside a classroom to see what is wrong with him. Gyung-Joon lifts his shirt up, exposing his body which has turned red.. The two female teachers peek through the window to find Da-Ran leaning in to take a closer look, while he continues the flap about, and thinks the two were doing something wrong.

After going to the doctors, Da-Ran returns to the school where she gets in scold even more. She then meets up with Gyung-Joon and gives him money to get something to eat before going home. Gyung-Joon decides to take visit to the hospital. Coincidentally, while waiting for the elevator, Da-Ran’s dad (Gil Min Gyu) spots him, thinking he is Yoon Jae. However, when Min Gyu calls out to him, Gyung Joon ignores him and steps into the elevator, leaving him confused and upset.

Da-Ran gets a call from her dad about what just happened, leaving her feeling she is about to go crazy. Shyly, she has her boss to leave and when her boss was about to decline, the P.E teacher makes an excuse, so she can leave. At the hospital, Gyung-Joon is greeted by every staff and patient. While thinking about why everyone is acting that way, he gets scared as he sees a poster of Yoon Jae. He presses his face up against the poster and slowly understands why everyone greets him.

While sheepishly hiding in the toilet, he dodges a staff by facing the wall. Gyung-Joon looks up to see the same poster, giving him a fright. He starts imitating Yoon-Jae’s pose as he looks into the mirror. Just as he is about to get into the elevator, Se Young and another co-worker walks out. They question him not wearing his uniform and Se Young ask if he is sick, so he pretends to be to get out of the situation. Se Young slides her hand into his hand and he squirms at her touch.

Just as Se Young was about to leave, Da Ran comes and drags Gyung Joon sway with a forced smile. She takes him to Yoon Jae’s office and makes him wear Yoon Jae’s white coat. Da Ran tells him that he has to pretend to be Yoon Jae if he is in the hospital but he refuses and lies on the bed. When DaRan puts her hand out, telling him they should go, Gyung Joon has a flashback to when he was drowning. He thinks that Yoon Jae and him swapped souls as their hands touched while Yoon Jae tried to save him.

Da Ran and Gyung Joon arrive to where Gyung Joon’s body lays in a coma. Da Ran immediately grabs Gyung-Joon’s hand and makes him hold his own hand. They hold hands and a soft wind blows. After several seconds, the supposedly Yoon Jae faces Da Ran saying ‘Da-Ra-sshi. Its me.” Da Ran immediately starts saying how much she was worried for him and Yoon Jae says the same. Yoon Jae then says ‘buing buing. Its me Gyung Joon. It didn’t work,’ leaving DaRan in tears.

After Da Ran leaves, Gyung Joon’s own parents walks into the room and asks a few question to ‘Yoon Jae’ about Gyung Joon. When Gyung Joon is about to leave, he sees how his mum throws his uniform onto the floor and takes money from his wallet, before throwing it on the floor as well.

Gyung Joon storms out of the hospital. Da Ran tries to calm him but he pushes her away, which her brother sees. He runs over and asks why he is acting weird, not answering his calls. After DaRan’s brother calls him hyung, he tells him that he is not his hyung and calls him stupid. Gyung Joon walks off.

When Gyung Joon gets ‘home’ he finds a bag with Yoon Jae’s belongings along with the wallet with the photo of the angels. At the restaurant, Da Ran sits with her dad and brother who are questioning her about why Yoon Jae is acting weird. She pretends that it is nothing. Gyung Joon goes to Da Ran’s restaurant without knowing it belongs to her family and meets Da Ran’s mum at the front. He goes him and sees Da Ran and it immediately clicks that the man he saw before was her dad and the boy is her brother. He greets them awakwardly finishing of with “Surprise!”

Before dinner, Gyung Joon is left with Da Ran’s dad. The atmposhere is awkward between the two as the try to make conversation. At dinner, Da Ran’s dad offers soju to Gyung Joon who accepts but Da Ran stops him since he is really a student. On the way to Yoon Jae’s house, Da Ran apologizes as well as thanks Gyung Joon for what he does but he tells her there’s no need to be sorry and hands her her wallet. Gyung Joon then starts complaining how the clothes are uncomfortable and how his jeans gives him wedgies. Da Ran laughs and they both hurry home so he can change.

As Gyung Joon is changing, Da Ran happens to walk by just as he has his shirt off, making her go all shy. She turns her back while he continues to change. After changing Da Ran tells Gyung Joon about Yoon Jae (I think) and the topic about his love comes up. Gyung Joon walks over, pretending to be Yoon Jae, and says “Da Ran-sshi, I love you”. The two look into each other eyes and Da Ran smiles.Gyung Joon is the first to break away saying, “This is how it would sound like” (I think that what he says)

While the two go through Yoon Jae’s clothes, Gyung Joon, finds a key to someone else’s house. Just then, the phone rings so Da Ran makes Gyung Joon answer the phone who turns out to be Se Young. She tells him to meet outside his apparentment and before he leaves, Da Ran tells him to do his best to be Yoon Jae.

As soon as Se Young sees Gyung Joon/Yoon Jae, she runs to give him a hug. Meanwhile, Da Ran finds Yoon Jae’s suitcase filled with clothes and wonders where he was about to go. Back downstairs, Gyung Joon lets go of Se Young and asks her why she is acting this wag. Suddenly she says “I love you” and Da Ran appears behind Gyung Joon.


Hope you liked this recap. I haven’t done one in a long time.. I’ll update photos tomorrow!

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