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Kahi will be leaving After School

After School’s leader Kahi will be graduating her team soon.

On the afternoon of June 5, Kahi agency, Pledis, stated that Kahi, the initial member and leader of After School, will be graduating.

After School debuted in 2009 and gained popularity with their choreography and stage manners. This girl group has been the only group with the entrance and graduation system.

Even before the debut, Kahi has been acknowledged with her dancing skills, and became a key member of After School. She also displayed talent as an actress by playing a role on Dream High 2.

After performing the Encore Concert in Tokyo on June 17, Kahi will wrap up her schedule in Japan in early September and prepare for her solo activities.

Kahi revealed her thoughts about graduating by saying, “I want to thank all the fans for giving me so much love, and also our members who have been with me through all the hardships. I will try my best to appear in a new and improved celebrity by learning more about acting and preparing for my solo album.”

After School will release their fifth official album on June 21, and start their activities in Korea with their new fifth member Ka Eun.

Source: korea.com

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