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2PM’s Wooyoung shares more about his solo album

2PM member Wooyoung will release his first solo album in July.

It will be the first member out of 2PM to have a solo debut. 2PM’s main vocal Junsu released a solo song named “Alive” last year during 2PM’s Asia Tour as the first solo single album in October, but Wooyoung is the first to release a solo album and officially do solo activities.

Wooyoung’s first solo album is predicted to be a mini album that will have 5-6 songs, one of which is written by fellow 2PM member Junho.

Wooyoung said, “Jinyoungie hyung (Park Jin Young) said that I will release a solo album because compared to the other members I am lacking a certain something. I am thankful for him to think about me and give me the opportunity first.”

Meanwhile, 2AM member Jo Kwon is expected to release his solo album in June, causing anticipation for a solo battle between 2PM and 2AM. Jo Kwon released “A Day of Confession” in July 2010, making it 2 years since he released a solo song. Jo Kwon is the only 2AM member to have released a solo album.

Source: Herald News
Translated: khy127 @ W2D

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