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[RECAP] Big Episode 1

Well, here’s the first recap for the new KBS drama “Big” starring Goong Yoo, Lee Min Jung and Miss A’s Suzy

The drama starts off with such an awkward situation. Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min Jung) is in a rush to bring a bouquet of flowers for an unknown bride. However, once she gets to the bride, it turns out to be one of her friends. All her other friends are there to support this so-called friend, leaving Da-Ran out. The wedding photographer asks the ladies to get closer together, where the bride is hesitant in inviting Da-Ran into the photograph. However, Da-Ran gets the message and leaves instead.

It turns out, the bouquet she gave her friend was a mistake so she goes back to her wedding to get the bouquet back, where she arrives just before she throws the bouquet. She’s on a mission to get the bouquet back so as the bride throws the bouquet, Da-Ran moves back further as the bouquet flies further. However, just before she catches the bouquet, she gets knocked out by a man in a checkered suit. She falls back, with the man trying to grab her hand. Their fingers touch but they’re too far away from each other, which results to Da-Ran falling the flight of stairs. It turns out that the man in the checkered suit was in fact Seo Yoon Jae (Goong Yoo)

This turns out to be a story that is being a read by a radio DJ, from the internet. Da-Ran is listening to this radio station all giddy at the fact that her romantic story is being read live on radio. As Da-Ran gets on the bus, she notices a boy, across from her seat, looking at her. She checks her face if there’s something on it but there doesn’t seem to be anything, so she just shrugs off the boy’s looks and listens to the radio. She then gets off the bus but is soon stopped by the boy, who rushes under her umbrella and grabs the umbrella where her hand is holding it. Da-Ran then moves her hand down the umbrella so as to not be touching his hand anymore and tells him that she’s already taken – obviously thinking that this guy’s totally into her. However, he abruptly tells her that this is actually his umbrella. Da-Ran quickly tells him that this is her umbrella but we then rewind in what actually happens.

They actually both had the same coloured umbrella and that she put her umbrella near his one. Whilst she was “dancing” about, her umbrella falls off her chair, landing next to his one. As she hurried off the bus, she then accidentally took his. Going back to the present, she realises her mistake and asks him if he can share the umbrella with him. He obviously objects to this so Da-Ran tries to keep her head under the umbrella while he walks. Da-Ran then gets to her destination – the high school – and bids farewell to this stranger and covers her head with her cardigan and runs inside. As she runs inside, the boy realises that this will be a problem and says “Uh-Oh” – This also seems to be like the beginning of TVN’s “Flower boy Ramyun Shop drama”

As she walks towards the staff room, she is enthusiastically greeted by students. However, once she gets inside the staff room, she is met by the not-so-nice principal where she tells Da-Ran off for being late and being soaked. As she’s being lectured a fellow teacher, most probably the P.E teacher, slyly puts a towel on her chair – she’s obviously got an admirer.  We then see the boy walking towards the staff room. It turns out that this boy is the new student called  Kang Gyung-Joon (Shin Won Ho).

He has a distinguished face, which says “hehe, I’m going to have fun”, with Da-Ra illustrating a horrified expression. The principal also assigns her to tour him around the campus, which increases her mortification. As she tours Gyung-Joon around, she gets a call from her fiance. She’s obviously in super-lovey-dovey-mode that she draws a heart on the window, whiclst Gyung-Joon is looking at her with a look of disgust on his face. After sharing insults at each other, Gyung-Joon jumps out of the window. running away from her.

As he walks away from the building, he bumps into these 3 guys: the troublemakers of the school. They try to insult him but Gyun-Joon laughs it off and talks to them in english, which baffles them. Gil Choong-Sik, the leader, tries speaking English and sees it as an insult but Gyun- Joon just calls him stupid and walks off.  Choong-Sik grabs his hand and warns him but Gyun-Joon still walks off which makes him mad. This then results in Choong-Sik darting towards him to try and push him but as Gyun-Joon turns around towards him, Choong-Sik misses him and lands face first onto the ground. This provokes Choong-Sik and punches him but as he’s about to hit Gyun Joon’s face, Da-Ra quickly intervenes and stops the hurling fist. As the two other guys and Gyun-Joon watch Da-Ran beat the crap out of Choong-Sik, it turns out that Da-Ra is actually Choong-Sik’s noona (elder sister)

As Da-Ran and Choong-Sik have their sibling bonding time, Gyung-Joon looks on with eyes, filled with longing. Gyung-Joon gets home to an empty house where all there is in his fridge are those oven-ready-pizzas. He’s bored out of his mind and has nothing to do. Meanwhile, Da-Ran is at the hospital where she’s bringing Yoon-Jae some dinner. She bumps into one of his co-workers, Lee Se-Young (Jang Hee-Jin), who tells her that he’s in surgery. She heads to his room/office where she puts down his dinner on his desk and notices his noticeboard. She whacks out a photo of the two of them from her journal and staples it onto his notice board. She then sits on his bed and reminisces about their relationship. From the flashback, their relationship seems kind of awkward and Yoon-Jae seems like a really nice boyfriend but it seems like her feelings are far stronger than his.

After waiting for a while, Da-Ran then head off to her dad’s restaurant. She helps her dad finish cleaning the restaurant and they head off home together. They get home all grumpy since her dad knows that there’s something wrong in her relationship with Yoon-Jae. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae finally gets to his room and sees the food on his desk with a post-it on it from Da-Ran. He reads the note and paces, obviously having second thoughts on things.

The next day, Gyung-Joon receives a motorbike from his dad, which he isn’t grateful for, which might be because his dad is just buying his son’s love. He also seems to miss his mum alot since, I think it’s his new step-mother, doesn’t seem to care for him as much since she stacking up the oven-ready pizzas in his fridge. He also locks himself in his bedroom and looks at his childhood bed remembering his mother. He lie so on his bed obviously missing the warmth and comfort of what love feels like.

Since Gyung-Joon’s still sleeping in his childhood bed, where his legs exceeds the total length of the bed, he goes bed shopping. At the bed shop, he sees a nice bed with a canopy. Da-Ran also arrives at the same bed store as Gyung-Joon and she has come to buy the same bed as the one he wants to buy. They both sit on the bed while Da-Ran tries to negotiate and discourage Gyung-Joon from buying the bed. Whilst doing so, however, Da-Ra breaks the bed and ends up paying for it.

To make up for the bed, Da-Ra treats Gyung-Joon out to eat. She continues to negotiate with him about the bed when she receives a call from Yoon-Jae. Gyung-Joon can clearly see that Da-Ra is seriously in love with him as he watches her draw an invisible heart on the table whilst on the phone. However, he also sees how sad she is after hanging up at the fact that she is hardly together with him.

Back at the hospital, Yoon-Jae’s co-worker Se-Young sees the photo that Da-Ran put up on his noticeboard. She looks at it with disgust and pulls it out of the noticeboard and throws it into the trash – this just makes her such a b*tch =_= She bumps into three of her co-workers, including Yoon-Jae, on the way out of the office/room areas. She has a clear eye for him but he’s totally not interested.

Night comes and Da-Ran is busy working hard with the wedding in mind. Next morning, Gyung-Joon is on his bike on the way to school and he sees Da-Ran walking on the sidewalk. He sees that huge puddle that she’s about to walk by and deliberately drives through the puddle so that the water splashes on her… – such a douche move.

Gyung-Joon gets to school and is told off by the P.E teacher that he needs to wear the school uniform. Da-Ran arrives, right after Gyung-Joon, and greets the P.E teacher warmly but, since he has some massive crush on her, he just widens his eyes at the sight of her and quickly turns around without saying anything. In school, Da-Ran calls Gyung-Joon to her classroom asking him to see her. She tells him that it isn’t right to wear his normal clothes and hands him a school uniform.

He goes to the bathroom and changes into the uniform and sees Da-Ran’s purse, which she forgot. He looks inside it and sees a vintage picture of two baby angels. This image transitions to Yoon-Jae where he has the same image, but an actual book called “miracles”. He is currently looking at their wedding invitation and a plane ticket – either he has cold feet and planning to run away or he want to push back the date for the wedding. Anyways, he puts the plane ticket away into his book “miracles” filled with baby angels.

We move back to Da-Ran in school where she is teaching her class. She can’t seem to do it though because her students are making fun of her, with Choong-Sik, coincidentally being in her class, trying to stop them from making fun off her. Gyung-Joon on other hand, looks away from them, either he doesn’t care or he feels sorry for her. After school, she goes outside hesitating on texting Yoon-Jae. Yoon-Jae instead calls her and asks her saying that he won’t be able to go house-hunting with her because he’s “busy”. Da-Ran replies back to him saying that it’s not actually okay and that is it just because he felt sorry for her that he asked her to marry him. She also tells him that if he doens’t really love her then they shouldn’t marry each other. She then hangs up without him replying. Whilst the call was going on, Gyung-Joon was actually watching her the whole time, after coincidentally seeing her through the window, whilst passing through a corridor.

He sees her trying to call him [Yoon Jae] back, regretting what she had said, but Gyung-Joon grabs her phone and takes her away on his motorbike (kind of resembles a Dream High moment when Taecyon took Suzy away from the crowd on his motorbike). He takes her by the lakeside/riverside where they both look at the scenery. She thanks her for taking her away from her would-be stupid scenario, if she did call him back, while Gyung-Joon insults/cheers her up.

Da-Ran receives a call from Yoon-Jae telling her that he’s really sorry and would like to make it up. Da-Ran then asks him if he loves her but he immediately changes the subject and asks where she is so he can pick her up. She becomes all flustered and doesn’t know what to tell him because she doesn’t know where she is. Seeing her all giddy again, Gyung-Joon decides to leave. He takes out her purse, the one with the baby angels, from his pocket but decides to keep it since he’ll use the money for gas. Yoon-Jae also leaves the hospital and is on his way to meet Da-Ran by car.

Both Yoon-Jae and Gyung-Joon are taking the same road – but in different directions – when an accident occurs, causing both of them to drive off the cliff into the water. Gyung-Joon loses consciousness after hitting the water, while Yoon-Jae is trapped in his car trying to get out. After a long struggle, Yoon-Jae finally escapes from the car and sees the unconscious Gyung-Joon. He swims towards him to try and save him. The way Yoon-Jae reaches out to Gyung-Joon is the exact image of the baby angels inside Da-Ran’s purse and Yoon-Jae’s book.

The image fades and transitions into the hospital scene where doctors are trying to save the two victims. We see intense focus on Gyung-Joon’s feet and Yoon-Jae’s abs but we soon hear the flat pulse: Yoon-Jae dies. Da-Ran arrives just as Yoon-Jae’s body – now corpse – is wheeled into the hospital’s morgue. She hears from the receptionist that he has past away and her face goes blank. While she follows one of the nurses to the morgue her vision goes blurry and she’s speechless to the fact that she can barely speak and breath. From the shock, Da-Ran falls to her knees in the middle of the corridor and cries her eyes out.

Meanwhile, in the morgue, Yoon-Jae rises from the dead and looks at his reflection from the surfaces around him realising that his appearance has changed. He walks out of the morgue with the white sheet he was covered in and sees Da-Ran on the floor crying. Da-Ran then looks up and sees a familiar figure walking towards her. She stares at the figure until her sight focuses and realises its Yoon-Jae. She shuffles towards him and hugs his naked body calling out his name. Yoon-Jae, however, pushes her away from the hug and asks her who he is. Da-Ran repeatedly calls him Yoon-Jae but he grabs her by the upper arm, which makes her ask what’s wrong with him. He calls her teacher and tells her that he’s Kang Gyung-Joon.

Da-Ran repeatedly calls him Yoon-Jae but he keeps telling her that he’s Gyung-Joo. He then realises what had happened that he quickly runs to the morgue. He looks at a dead corpse, covered in a white sheet, and says that it must be his [Gyung-Joon’s] dead body. He tells her to look at the body and as looks away, he uncovers the sheet. Da-Ran asks him what he’s doing and quickly tells him to cover the corpse since it was the body of an old man.

Gyung-Joon/Yoon-Jae gives a sigh of relief and sits on the floor. Da-Ran joins on the floor and asks what’s wrong with him/if he’s okay. She asks him if he remembers what the important thing he was about to say to her – probably the fact that he wants to break up – but he just replies that he remembers her “buing*buing*”, when she was teaching him the latest trends by the lakeside/riverside, which depresses Da-Ran. Meanwhile, a nurse unexpectedly sees the dead living body of Yoon-Jae from the open window and screams, which makes both Gyung-Joon/Yoon-Jae and Da-Ran scream as well.

The hospital people take Gyung-Joon/Yoon-Jae to an MRI. The doctor tells Da-Ran that he’s fine and that he’ll be alright. Gyung-Joon/Yoon-Jae was out of his room and sees his parents following a doctor. He follows them to Gyun-Joo’s body where he is laying there in a coma state. He is immediately shocked at seeing his body there that he stands still speechless, whilst a bloody body is wheeled past him. The wheeled body touches Gyung-Joon/Yoon-Jae’s hand which transfers some of the blood onto it. Seeing the blood on his hand triggers a memory of when Gyung-Joon had witnessed his mother’s death. Back to the present, he hurriedly tries to wipe off the blood using his clothes, showing fear and trauma in his facial expression.

Da-Ran is then seen looking for Yoon-Jae. She looks for him at his office and calls his peers but there’s no sign of him. She then backflashes when he was telling her that he was actually Gyung-Joon. This make her realise that he might be telling the truth and decides to go to Gyung-Joon’s house. There, she sees Yoon-Jae sleeping on Gyung-Joon’s wooden car bed. She sits by him just as his eyes open, he lifts his head waiting for her to say something when she calls out Gyung-Joon’s name to which he replies: “Yes, teacher?”


Hey guys! I hope you liked this recap for the first episode of the new KBS drama BIG.. the drama did start off with a sense of comedy and a dramatic ending. We have had a strong introduction about the characters Gyung-Joon and Da-Ran but Goong Yoo’s character Yoon-Jae still seems a bit empty. From the preview, Suzy will certainly be appearing next episode and we’ll be seeing more comedic moments as Gyung-Joon’s tries to get used to his new body.

NB: Sorry guys!! I wrote this recap without the english subs so some of the things are inaccurate. For example, Gyung-Joon is actually an orphan and the man I described as his dad might just be an uncle or something. Furthermore, Yoon-Jae is really not that interested in the wedding as he hasn’t sent out the invitations, which Da-Ran sent him to do so. Se-Young also seems to be getting the vibe that Yoon-Jae isn’t interested in the wedding so her scheming plans into getting together with him might start to begin…

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