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Will ‘Big’ Allow miss A’s Suzy to Make it in the Industry?


Will ‘Big’ Allow miss A’s Suzy  to Make it in the Industry?

On June 4th, an idol star who has transformed into a successful actress will present herself to the audience in the new KBS drama ‘Big.’ Idol group miss A’s Suzy will be playing the role of Jang Mari in the drama that will air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

miss A debuted in 2010 with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ which gave them a place in the industry as one of the top idol stars of Korea. They were recognized for their talents in powerful dance and talented voices. After their debut, each member began to appear in various TV shows and stayed in connection with their fans. Suzy, however, began to make more and more solo appearances and slowly began a different career of her

In 2011, Suzy was chosen to appear in a KBS drama ‘Dream High’, which is famous for its idol star actors. Suzy was one of the main characters in ‘Dream High’ for the first time. Suzy was able to take on the role without any flaw or difficulty even while acting. Ever since her role in ‘Dream High’, Suzy was recognized as a talented actress.

Without taking any breaks, Suzy dove right in to a movie role in ‘Introduction to Architecture’ with top stars like Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong. After her role in the movie, Suzy’s new nickname became ‘Koreans’ First Love’ because all the men in Korea fell in love with her and her performance in the movie.

Now, Suzy will be taking on a completely different role from her previous ones. Suzy’s character can be described as a very unique stalker-like character. Suzy stated that even though she didn’t have much passion for acting but now one of her main focuses has become acting.

Since Suzy’s new role as Jang Mari will be the most difficult one that Suzy has faced so far, anticipation is building up to see her performance. One of the main discussions of the drama is whether Suzy will be able to receive the title ‘actress’ in addition to her current ‘idol star’ title.  Jang Mari is said to be a person full of her own unique character that the actress must bring to life. Suzy will need to throw away some of her purity, innocence and transform into a professional actress in order to pull of this role.

However, Suzy has always been adored for her roles in dramas and movie so she is expected to take on the role with a calm and relaxed attitude. There have been countless cases where idol stars have succeeded and failed to transform into actors/actresses. We will just have to wait and see whether miss A Suzy will continue her career in acting.


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