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ZE:A’s comeback postponed


A shocking announcement was made concerning ZE:A’s comeback.

ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment, made an official statement today in regards to the group’s comeback, “ZE:A’s Jun Young has sustained an injury to his right ankle, at this time all scheduled activities related to their comeback have been postponed.”

Member Moon Jun Young suffered the injury during the taping of a variety show where he accidentally slipped and fell. After the unfortunate incident ZE:A’s leader was rushed to the hospital where he received emergency medical treatment.

The agency further explained, “Jun Young is receiving treatment now and is expected to recover. Currently, the status of ZE:A’s comeback is unknown as it hinges on the recovery of Jun Young. For the time being, their showcase and album release will be delayed temporarily.”

Until this ill-timed accident the group was set to release their comeback album on June 21. At this time the date of the group’s comeback is uncertain. Soompi will keep you posted with all the latest details regarding Jun Young’s recovery and ZE:A’s comeback. We wish Jun Young all the best on the road to a speedy recovery.

Credit: soompi

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