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Big Bang Releases Seungri’s MV Teaser for “Monster”

After recently revealing G-Dragon’s teaser for their upcoming “Monster” MV, Big Bang have yet again excited the fan girls with Seungri’s teaser.

The teaser illustrates the venue being dark and gloomy with all the cables hanging around, which is constant with the other two previous MVs.

Seungri seems to be staying with his appearance from the “Fantastic Baby” MV but seems to have been influenced by Taeyang’s mohwak hairstyle

Netizens have commented saying:

“Really can’t wait the whole MV but I am afraid, I just afraid that Seungri doesn’t get much lines Seungri should has more chances to show his voice, his talent… just shine!”

“MORE SEUNGRI PLSSSSS WHY DOES HE GET ALL THE SHORT LINES )): I actually really love his singing parts!”

Watch the teaser below!

▶ Digital, iTunes : 2012 June 3 (SUN) 0 AM (KST)
▶ Release Date : 2012 June 6 (WED)

☞ NOW available for Pre-order at YG-Shop: http://goo.gl/G940L

For More Information @
App Store: http://goo.gl/l9TU6
Google Play: http://goo.gl/UiEn1

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