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Big Bang members look like ‘X-Men’ in new music video?


Five-member idol group Big Bang is getting a lot of attention from recently-released pictures that remind people of the movie, X-Men.

On May 28th, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released pictures of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri on its official blog, YG Life. The pictures were captured from the music video of the group’s new song “Monster”.

In the pictures, the group members show off their charisma through their costumes, hairstyles and makeup.

T.O.P, with his cold face and a black cape, looks like a young Magneto from the movie, X-Men. G-Dragon sports a red hair and is wearing black clothes, and looks like he’s making fire with his hands. Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri also look mysterious like heroes from the movie.

Big Bang will release their special album, which includes 9 songs, in Korea, on June 6. The album includes 5 new songs, including the title song Monster, which is written by G-Dragon and Choi Pil Gang, Still Alive, Feeling, Bingle Bingle and Ego. Songs from their 5th mini album (Blue, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and Love Dust) will also be included in the album.

The new songs will be pre-released digitally on June 3 and a music video for “Monster” will be released on the same day as well.

Source: star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2012052815013678307&type=3
Translation: en.korea.com/?p=346453
Shared by: VIC @ bigbangupdates

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One comment on “Big Bang members look like ‘X-Men’ in new music video?

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